5 Powerful Promotion Strategies to Implement On Your E-commerce websites

Planning and building your e-commerce solution is a milestone moment for your brick-and-motor business. However, building an e-commerce store is just the first step in the process of selling your products and services online. The chief aim of starting an e-commerce store is to increase your customer base and sales. This cannot be possible if your e-commerce store is not visible, which is why you need to initiate strong promotion strategies to realize that objective.  We recommend using Shopify, as it is the best ecommerce website. That said; here are 5 powerful promotion strategies to implement on your e-commerce website:

Focus on High-quality, original content for your e-commerce solutions

Content is a must-have component of any e-commerce store. Without content, customers will not be able to understand what you’re selling. And it’s not about just producing content. Aim for original, high-value content. For instance, you’ll need to display photos of products on sale. Invest in digital photography to get high-quality images for your products. You may also want to include video and audio descriptions of your products and services. Invest in high-quality videos and audios. In today’s market where consumers are already exposed to top quality visual-based content, and so, no customer will want to look at poor quality images and videos.

Lay out strong SEO strategies for your e-commerce websites

SEO is a critical element for your e-commerce website promotion strategies. A more optimized e-commerce website always has the greatest possibilities of ranking high on search engines, and this means enhanced visibility, and hence, more sales. Optimizing your e-commerce site for mobile is another no-brainer promotion strategy. With more people searching products and services online using their mobile devices, you cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to increase sales.

Leverage social media to promote your e-commerce websites

Statistically, more than one billion people use social media today. That figure is projected to grow to three billion by 2020. This means that your e-commerce promotion strategies must focus on social media if you want to grow your e-commerce solution quickly. When designing your e-commerce store, make sure to include social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pininterest) buttons to be able to share your content on social media. Social media, especially Facebook groups people according to unique commonalities, so finding your target market is easier than ever before.

Creating a blog is an effective way to promote your e-commerce solutions

In the modern day, blogging is an effective way to promote products and services because of its cost-effective nature and greater appeal to customers. It also features a comment section that allows you to interact with your customers. If you’re selling a particular item on your e-commerce store, you can create a separate blog, curate original, high-value and engaging content on your blog to attract potential customers to it. Once visitors start trooping to your blog, introduce them to your products and tell them more about them. Soon enough, you’ll create a huge audience of loyal customers, and your e-commerce business will grow substantially.

Create a section for User Generated Content (UGC) on your E-commerce websites

User Generate Content is content (texts, images or video, blogs, discussion forum posts) created by customers who have actually used the products and services. The content is normally available for other customers to use when making buying decisions. Let’s face it; customers trust other customers’ perception of products than a random salesman trying to push products and services to them. Customers are more likely to buy if they consume User Generated Content, which is why you should dedicate a section for User Generated Content on your e-commerce store.


There are many other promotion strategies to use such as paid advertising, offering free samples, email marketing, but these are the initial strategies to implement for your e-commerce solutions. Also, note that different e-commerce stores offer various products, so some of these promotion strategies may not apply to you. A golden rule of thumb is always to choose what works for you.

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